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Matthew Richard Stone was born in Houston, Texas on 26 May 1971. He is the oldest child of Gerald and Sheila and has a younger sister Rachel. At a young age, Matt moved to Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

While majoring in film and math at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he met Trey Parker. The duo made crudely produced comedic shorts, including "The Spirit of Christmas: Frosty vs. Jesus."

Matt produced and acted in Trey's first feature-length film "Cannibal! the Musical" in 1993, which caught the eye of Brian Graden, a then FoxLab executive.

In 1995, Graden commissioned Trey and Matt to create a video Christmas card based on their animated college short. "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa " was the result -- a five minute short that featured an uncensored Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny watching Jesus and Santa battle it out for ownership of the Yule holiday. One of the recipients of the video [rumored to be George Clooney] made several hundred copies, and the animation became a must-see passed around Hollywood and the internet.

Matt also produced and acted in Trey's second live-action feature film "Orgazmo," about a wholesome Mormon who becomes a celebrity in Los Angeles' adult film world. Due to the NC-17 rating given by the MPAA, it did not have a wide release.

Matt and Trey hooked up with Comedy Central to create a show based on the animated characters they created in college. Though it didn't test well with audiences, Comedy Central decided to pick it up for six episodes anyway. "South Park" made its debut on 13 August 1997, and has now gone on to be the highest rated original series in the network's history.

In 1998, Matt starred with Trey and college buddy Dian Bachar in "BASEketball, directed by David Zucker of Airplane and Naked Gun fame. The story follows a group of friends who take their homemade game from neighborhood driveways to the professional sports world.

In the summer of 1999, Matt and Trey released their critically acclaimed feature length film, "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," which was, naturally, a musical.

After a contract renegotiation in 2000, three more seasons were added to South Park and Matt and Trey had a deal to create a live action sitcom. In 2001, "That's My Bush!" premiered -- a sitcom that portrayed the Commander in Chief as the lovable main character. Due to the high cost and low ratings of the show, it ran for only eight episodes.

Another contract negotiation in 2003 gave South Park life through a ninth season, with an option to pick up a tenth.

"Team America : World Police," the most recent creation from the duo released in October 2004, is a 'puppet movie' inspired by the "Thunderbirds" about a special police force dedicated to saving the world from terrorists. Though the movie received favorable reviews, it also received criticism from the White House and douches like Sean Penn. During press interviews, Trey and Matt were extremely vocal about the toll the movie took on them. While the burn out was evident, the future of South Park and other projects was unclear.

As the end seemed near for South Park, Trey and Matt surprised fans in 2005. Instead of picking up the tenth season option on their current contracts, they renegotiated to extend through 2008. During a record high ratings season in 2007, South Park was yet again renewed to 2011 -- bringing South Park through its fifteenth season.

Also in 2005, Matt and Trey joined forces with Paramount to form a production company -- Important Pictures [formerly Trunity, a Mediar company, a division of True Mediar, a Unity Corpbopoly]. They are contracted to write, direct and produce features through 2008, including "My All-American" and "Giant Monsters Attack Japan!" Other projects include a possible stage musical with "Avenue Q" creators Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx.

Matt resides in Venice, CA with his wife Angela and is currently working on season 14 of South Park.

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Miscellaneous Facts
•   Has curly hair
 •   Loves the movie "Babe"
 •   Has 2 dogs named Rodney and Mr. Yes
 •   Member of the band DVDA with Trey Parker
 •   Is Jewish by heritage but considers himself Agnostic
 •   Married longtime girlfriend Angela Howard in 2008

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